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Brewed Awakenings

Brewed Awakenings, founded in 1996, is are locally-owned coffee shops in Rhode Island. We have 3 locations currently, one in Johnston, another in Cranston, and “The Largest Coffee Shop in The United States” in Warwick. Our goal is to go that extra step and provide all our guests with impeccable service, and even more delicious food & drinks. 

We’re the majority of Rhode Island’s GO-TO spot. Come visit us to find out how we do it!

The Brewed Difference

Locally owned since 1997!

Fresh Ingredients

All of our foods are made to order, and never premade like our competitors.

No Added Sugars

The flavor in all of our coffees is roasted right into the bean.

Drive Thrus

Are you in a hurry? We have drive thrus in our Cherry Hill & Warwick location for those looking to swing by and be on their way.

Cozy Environment

You’ll find that we are a hotspot for both students looking for place to study & for business people doing work from their laptops. Free wifi for all guests

Full Service Bar

Our Warwick location is equipped with a full service bar. We offer a wide array of liquors & cocktails for everyone over 21.

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