The Atmosphere


Our vision is to make each store unique and have its own identity while maintaining some similarities. We try to bring a warm and welcoming feel to each location by having a variety of comfortable seating areas with an inviting atmosphere, to sit, enjoy and relax. Our goal is to make you feel, in every location as if this is your Brewed Awakenings but when traveling around RI, you are still excited to visit each one because of its uniqueness and enjoy your favorite sandwich and/or beverage.

Brewed Awakenings is a place where customers come to meet friends, family to relax and have a good time. Brewed is also the perfect place to conduct business over breakfast, lunch, dinner and/or with your favorite beverage and snack. We offer fast, free WiFi from Verizon to all customers.

Brewed Awakenings has also become a community place in each town or city where people gather at some point of the day or week. With 5 locations now in RI, you are never more than a few minutes away. So whether you want to visit at 5am for morning coffee of have a late night sandwich and cappuccino just remember our Brewed team will be here to serve you and make you feel welcome.

It’s because of you, our loyal customers, who helped us to get where we are today. Thank You!

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1395 Atwood Ave
Johnston, R.I.
401 – 275 – 6654


1577 Atwood Ave
Johnston, R.I.
401 – 383 – 4682


1200 Pontiac Ave
Cranston, R.I.
401 – 463 – 3068


100 Westminster St
Providence, RI


1316 Bald Hill Road
Warwick, R.I.
401 – 826 – 2233